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    The year was 1958! On your radio a beautiful soprano voice sings

“Darling I’m Lonely”.

That line was the opening to the Aquatones’ “You”.  Lynne Nixon backed

by Larry Vanatta, Dave Goddard and Eugene McCarthy.  Four Long Island,

New York teens would soon top the charts with the beautiful “You”.  From

1958 thru early in 1961 these kids recorded for Fargo Records.  Their

“You” has become a Doo Wop Vocal Group standard.

   Well here it is 40 years later and the Aquatones are back.

Unfortunately their lovely, great female lead, Lynne Nixon, has gone on

to sing in Vocal Group Heaven.  However, Dave, Gene, Larry on some

tracks and their newest female member Colette Delaney bring you the

Aquatone sound again.  If one didn’t realize Lynne was no longer with

us, you would swear Colette is she.  A super, super voice! A pleasure to

listen to.  Filling in as tenor on some of these tracks is another new

member of the Aquatones, Bill Hoffman.

   This CD contains twenty-three (23) tracks.  No re-issues of their

Fargo recordings.  Six of the recordings are re-makes of their

originals.  Eleven are brand new Aquatone recordings written by Dave

Goddard. The remaining tracks are recordings of other DooWop classics.

   I can honestly say, I was very pleasantly surprised.  There was not

one track on the CD I did not enjoy.  I am looking forward to hearing a

lot more good things from the newly formed Aquatones.

   I believe you will feel the same way after you hear this CD.


Here now are the tracks from The Aquatones – 40 Years Later


1. You – originally ’58 on Fargo.  Colette sounding Fantastic on this

Aquatone Classic.

2. 40 Years Too Late – new recording.  Dave has the lead on this sad

love song. Ballad!

3. Seeing Is Believing – Colette leads on this new ballad by the

Aquatones. Very nice!

4. I Love How You Love Me – Original by the Paris Sisters.  Colette and

the lads sound better than the original! Great Ballad!

5. Crazy For You – Original by the Heartbeats. Recorded by the Aquatones

in ’61 on Fargo. Colette sounds fantastic on this DooWop Classic!

6. Happy, Happy Birthday Baby – Original by the Tune Weavers ’57 on Casa

Grande.  Again Colette kills another ballad!

7. What A Guy – Original by the Raindrops ’63 on Jubilee! Great re-make

of this Rocker! Yep, Colette doing the honors again!!

8. One Little Kiss – Another new ballad written for this CD.  Colette

sounds sooooooo good.

9. My Treasure – Aquatone original from ’59.  Pretty ballad then, pretty

ballad now.  Colette! I’m in Love!!

10. Share – Frankie Lymon & Teenagers great ballad from ’56 on Gee. You

betcha! Colette raising temps here too.

11. To Know Him Is To Love Him – Teddy Bears did this one ’58 on Dore.

Aquatones sound better!

12. Dance With Me – Another new one for the CD.  Dave Goddard takes the

helm on this pretty ballad!

13. It’s Not Easy Letting Go – Colette croons this original tune.

(Heard this was written by Dave for someone very SPECIAL!)

14. Our First Kiss – Aquatone original from ’58.  Sounded good then,

sounds better now! Colette & Gene share the lead on this one!

15. It Must Have Been A Dream – Dang! This group likes their ballads!

Colette sings lead on another original scorcher written by Dave.

16. She’s The One For Me – Fargo release from ’58 originally.  Rockin’

here again. Dave leading!

17. Born In Brooklyn – Gene McCarthy leads on this GREAT ROCKER!! New

for this CD.

18. Time Stood Still – Dave leads on this pretty ballad.  Another

Aquatone original!

19. Every Time – ’60 Fargo release!  Group is Movin’ & Groovin’ here!

20. I Can Still Rock & Roll All Night – A Dave original rocker!  Gotta

like this one!! Who says we’re old??

21. Baby Please (Not While I’m Driving) – Song written by Dave back in

’91. Larry Vanatta the rockin’ lead on this one.

22. I’m Movin – Another Rocker written in ’91.  Larry sounding good on

this one also.

23. Wanted (Solid Gold Cadillac) – Theirs from ’61 on Fargo.  Dave ends

the CD Rockin!


This is one heck of a CD.  All twenty-three (23) tracks are pleasures to

the ears.

If you liked the Aquatones back in 1958, you’re gonna love them now.

This is a must have CD for your Vocal Group collection.

As of right now this CD is not available through the normal Oldies


However, to get yours for the pre-release price of $15, all you have to

do is go here to order!

I know you will more than satisfied with this selection.


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