" Sweet Beat Records "


Their Collection of 45's and EP's


The Crystalairs on Sweet Beat 101 ( Blue Vinyl )

Tracks are: Little Miss Pinocchio/Cinderella Baby


The Roomates EP on Sweet Beat 102 ( Yellow Vinyl )

Tracks are: Gonna See My Baby/Deceive Me/Two Lovers/Broken Dreams


The Chaperals EP on Sweet Beat 103 ( Black Vinyl )

Tracks are: Doowop Memories/Motorbiene/Rama Lama Ding Dong/My Girl


The Del Jays on Sweet Beat 104 ( Red Vinyl )

Tracks are: NY City Local/Tell Me


The Aquatones EP on Sweet Beat 105 ( Blue Vinyl )

Tracks are: She's The One For Me (Unreleased 1957 Acetate)/For You, For You (Unreleased 1958 Rehearsel Version)/Crazy Eyes (1991)/A Dreamer (1991)


If you like to order or want info from Sweetbeat Records email to: 



I like to thank Juan Ibanez Mateos for sending me the 45, E.P.'s & info from Sweet Beat Records, and I wish him & his partner Jordi M. all the best with their future releases of Sweet Beat Records.

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