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Me & Mr. Eugene Pitt of the Jive 5 at the " Eugene Pitt Tribute Concert June 24th 2000 in NYC

History of Me 

Hello everybody. My name is John and I am from Maassluis in Holland. Being born in 1963 in Holland was not the best place on earth, when your favourite music was made during the 50's and early 60's. This page is created to share with you my love for oldies made in the first wave of Rock & Roll Music. A special place in my heart is created for the DooWop Groups. But of course, I also love the music made by Rock-A-Billy, R & B , High School and Pop artists. My interest in the music started in the 70's with compilation albums from ARCADE & K-TEL. Not the greatest compilations, but there wasn't much more in the stores. But there started my love for vocal groups with songs from the Platters, Danny & the Juniors, Elegants & the Drifters. Sometimes there was a song with that obscure sound that I loved. The Regents with Barbara-Ann !!! Oh, what a sound. And no information about the group. Like they were from outer space. I was looking for books and other stuff, and finally I found a shop in Den Haag in Holland. They sold records I had only dreamed of. Relic records & Collectables records. They had that sound I was searching for. Groups I never had heard of before. The Five Satins, Nutmegs, Mellokings, Harptones and more. Yes, the big names in Doowop, but unknown to the public in Europe. Music in Europe and especially in Holland started with the Beatles and the Stones. With this page I want to share with you some ideas and songs from that era before the British Invasion.  


I will try to make a site that is interesting for you: " The Oldie Lover ".


Hope you will enjoy it ....... Regards,


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